Eileen Carey – Neufutur Mag Interview

By James McQuiston August 23, 2014 ,

1) Let It Go is your latest album. What does it contribute to the story of Eileen Carey, the performer?

I think my music has always had an upbeat, life is good if you just choose to let it happen message in it. It is a personal choice whether to embrace it or not. All my music advocates that embracing….Possibilities 2002, Hearts of Time 2005, Movin On 2009 and now Let It Go.

In the context of your question, I would have to answer that I am sticking to my guns about the messages of faith, hope and doing it; and my music carries that message in the new CD. I am a woman of my word. Do not flip-flop about my beliefs and advice. So in some case this CD is more of the same. A renewal of my commitment to my ideas. Musically as well actually.

2) Which tracks off of Let It Go are your favorites, and what about the efforts make them?




I am a singer as well as a songwriter…different tracks on this CD are favorites for different reasons. I love my cover of Martha Davis’ 1982 hit with the Motels, “Only the Lonely.” Travis Allen Childress, my producer, nailed the ambience of the song. Obviously the first single off the CD, “Let It Go,” who I wrote with Kathryn Grimm has special meaning to me. It is, being the title song, the summation of this album’s specific positive theme.

But I am really excited about the just released second single, “Bottle Your Crazy Up.” Here’s the scene of the song:  One woman is telling another not to rebound from a bad breakup too hard and too fast.  And here’s what she advises:

Don’t order the tequila, ‘cause you know how you get, Don’t talk about your ex, you ain’t over him yet, You can wear the short skirt, but I’d forget the heels,  And don’t go on about how you feel. . . . Bottle your crazy up!”




3) What artists possess the greatest influences on your music?

Well, I am going to start off by listing some of my favs that I have sung as well here: Patsy Cline’s “Walking after Midnight”; Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders’ “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” also on this Let It Go CD. I always admired Cheryl Crow and did the only version of a Keith Urban and Vernon Rust tune on my last CD Movin On. Songwriters like Diane Warren. I already mentioned “Only the Lonely, and Martha Davis…but also the Beatles, yes the Beatles. I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland playing drums and that had an influence on the tempos of the music I sing.

Didn’t think of my music as “country” specifically, but right from the start country radio picked me up for “That Town”. It originally went to AC but country radio promoter Gene Kennedy picked it up and it got airplay across the country stations.

4) How has your style evolved and changed over the time since your first album?

Music gave me a way to express myself and share what I have learned and what I still hoped for. I am a better singer-songwriter today, but as importantly my style has become more diverse and refined. Let It Go is my best work. Thematically similar to the past, but much more open and fan orientated. We use horns on this record and I even sung a real pop tune in “Walking on Sunshine” that old (late 70s) Katrina & the Wave song. I am country, but I just couldn’t help testing my reach on that. Been performing it on stage lately, and I get nervous every time it comes up in the set; but the response has been gratifying, especially at the Fairs and Festivals where I perform to very diverse crowds on both coasts.

5) Can you describe your creative process and your recording set up for us?

Well, when I start thinking about what is on my mind that needs being said, I start writing songs and looking for material that I identify with and is a challenge for me to sing.

The avenues that my material comes from is as diverse as is my tastes. If I am singing and arranging another songwriter’s song I make it mine. Generally as “Country” as possible. Lyrics are a key element in what I choose to sing.

When I have written or chosen the material I go to Travis and we arrange it so we can send it to these Nashville studio musicians, who have been recording the basic tracks on my music for years now.

The vocals, back-ups, sweeting, solos and other additions are done here in Los Angeles at Travis’ studio. The mixing as well. We master at Sonic Vision Mastering here in Los Angeles.

6) How can interested readers listen to your music?

Google Eileen Carey and you will find my music everywhere. Amazon, I-Tunes, CD Baby:

7) Do you have any live dates or performances that you are promoting?

Just came off a very long spring and summer stint of engagements. House of Blues Hollywood, Rippy’s & Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, Spotlight Artist of the 6th Annual VeniceFest on Venice Beach, CA for the Make A Wish Foundation, Orange County Fair, The Grand Ole’ Echo in Los Angeles, The Doll Factory, etc.

Still filling in upcoming dates to go along with a September 22nd to the 26th whirlwind 5 five days running radio and dance club tour for the new single “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” now booked in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.

Also, doing a private party acoustic show on Saturday evening, October 18th, at the Kidd’s Jewelry Heist on Mission St. during the South Pasadena Art Walk. And

I am, with other concerned animal and cat lovers, going to produce a feral cat adoption fundraiser and direct adoption event here in Los Angeles in late November or early December for the holiday season. We will play a set, along with some other friends and artists at the event.

Most of my plans for the Fall besides promoting this single, “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” are my writing and recording a 5th CD. Know what I want to do…can’t wait to get back in the studio.

8) What has been your most memorable live experience?

I have been playing homeless events for some years now; and it is hard to imagine a more memorable experience in recent years than the homeless crowd that danced freely and happily to my music during the 5th Annual VeniceFest for the Make A Wish Foundation on July 28th, 2013. I have had plenty of full houses and appreciative audiences, but that particular “Country in the Sand” afternoon is quite memorable to me. This year was fun, but that performance was special.

Obviously, my performance for winning Americana Album of the Year at the L.A. Music Awards was an inspired show. One not easily forgotten.




But my most prominent memorable moment in music came when I first heard myself on the radio in 2002 here in with “That Town” here in L.A. I knew I was home!

9) What goals do you still have left to accomplish in your career?

Everything! As an independent there are so many things you still must reach to be recognized with the household names. No matter what one might think of it, I expressed exactly what I still have left to accomplish in the opening cut on the CD, “Bring on the big.”

On an artistic level I can’t help but want to continue to make good records and make people feel good. I want to increase my song writing skills, and I want to direct movies. My short but somewhat successful career in film, before music took over, as an actress (Hoffa, Basic Instinct and the original Batman film, along with advertising campaigns like my role in one of Ray Charles’ Diet-Pepsi commercials) has left me with a taste for film.

I want to open or a couple major acts this year and next; and I am starting to work on a new CD. You can never stop striving if you want to earn the audience’s attention.

10) Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Yes, Country music is about real people and their real lives. It is a wearing your heart on your sleeve music. We are regular Joe’s! We like are music to be about what is real and tangible in our lives! And we like to be able to sing the hook. But mostly, it’s all about the lyrics, the story!!

Pasadena Weekly-Country in the Sand

Altadena singer Eileen Carey brings her award-winning sound to Venice Beach Sunday

By Carl Kozlowski 07/24/2014

In a place famous for rock bands ranging from The Beach Boys and The Doors to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and No Doubt, Eileen Carey is breaking the mold en route to success. An Altadena resident, Carey has parlayed her love of country music into a career that has so far resulted in four CDs, a number of awards and a slew of concert appearances nationwide, as well as a recent publicity tour of radio stations in the South and Midwest. 

But her favorite shows are the ones in which she can be close to home, mainly because she and her husband Joe save feral cats and have provided homes to many of the felines over the past few years. Carey will be performing at noon Sunday at the 6th Annual Summer Fest in Venice, bringing country to the coastline as the official spotlight artist amid a daylong event that offers plenty of other fun in the sun as well. 

“This is my third year doing Summer Fest, and you can’t get any better than being on a beach performing,” says Carey. “The best part is that a lot of the proceeds go to feed the homeless and to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

Carey grew up in Willowick, a suburb of Cleveland, and credits her Ohio upbringing with giving her a different perspective on country music than most of her artistic peers. She was surrounded by rock music there before moving to California to work in a Sheraton Hotel as an assistant beverage director, and it was her experience there that inspired her to go pro as a performer. 

“I saw lots of performers whom I thought I was just as good as or better, so I decided to go back to performing myself,” says Carey. “I studied theater, acting and vocal classes and recorded my first CD. It went to AC (adult contemporary) radio first until a country music sales rep said to try country.”

Carey calls her style “West Coast Country” because she considers her songs to be a mix of the sounds that were prevalent in every town or city she’s lived in. Her determination to develop her own sound has paid off with her being named by the local CBS television station KCBS as one of the top 10 rising female musicians in Los Angeles.

That’s not the only recognition Carey has received, however. She has won multiple Los Angeles Music Awards, a South Bay Music Award and a nomination for a Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA) for the CD “Movin’ On” as well as one for “Let It Go.”

While she is determined to find success as an independent artist outside the major-label system, Carey also has offered her wisdom to other female musicians as a co-founder of and, which are tied to organizations that provide support and information for women artists and musicians. 

“I’ve been building my career and reputation for awhile, and my music is about what’s around me and what people are going through,” says Carey. “I try to give them a little advice musically. Hopefully they take it and use it, but who knows? It’s about showing somebody a different angle in life. I’m a positive person and I always try to see the light in any situation.”

In addition to her work with music and cats, Carey has studied kickboxing at Classic Kickboxing of Pasadena for the past 10 years, raised two kids who went to Pasadena’s Mayfield junior and senior high schools and owned the KFC restaurant on North Lake Avenue before she and her husband Joe decided to sell it off about six years ago. While she and her family lived in Pasadena for seven years, she is happy she made the move to the smaller neighboring community and plans to stay rooted there for a long time to come. 

“It’s a great easy place to find room for cats, and that’s important to us because I’ve rescued animals since age 7, and my husband has volunteered with Fix Nation for a long time as well,” explains Carey. “Last year we had a colony of cats in our neighborhood, of babies and adults, and we got them all fixed and released and I found homes for the babies. My husband is going to be going to veterinary technician school and at the end of the year. I donate some of my musical proceeds to children’s and animal organizations. I love to give back.”

Eileen Carey will perform at noon Sunday at the 6th Annual Summer Fest at Venice Beach. Admission is free. Call (562) 277-7174 or visit for more information


Eileen Carey Answers Digital Rodeo’s “Inquiring Minds Want To Know” Questions

One of the hardest thing for human beings to learn is how and when to let things go. So when an artist like Eileen Carey comes along with a powerful message about doing just that, it’s a welcomed sight. The award-winning California-based singer/songwriter’s fourth and latest album LET IT GO features songs which follow through on the theme on letting go of those ties that bind us to the past and perhaps no song is more evident than the title track, “Let It Go,” a thumping up-tempo country pop tune about forgetting the small things or events from our past that lead to insecurities and indecisions of life.

“I always try to give people different options as a way to look at things,” Eileen says. “Because, unfortunately, this world’s been up and down and if I can get them to think about things that maybe they haven’t before, then maybe they can “Let It Go” and get to a better place in their life.”

Below read Eileen Carey’s answers to Digital Rodeo’s “Inquiring Minds Want To Know” questions:

1. In the last year what is the one thing you accomplished you were surprised by?

“Everything surprises me. Every time I listen to my new CD Let It Go, I am surprised that my art and voice keeping growing! Grateful as well!!”


2. In the upcoming year what are your top three goals musically that you want to accomplish?

1) A hit single 2) Create alliances with the most creative people in country music. 3) Reach an international audience.


3. What is your guilty pleasure when you get off a tour?

LOL…they are not very guilty. Hanging out with my family, my animals and my friends. It is much more exciting than you would imagine though!


4. What is your current challenge personally you are pushing yourself to achieve?

“Always the same challenge. To write better songs. To sing them better. To put on a better show. I am living my dream and my passion. I am always pushing myself to give more of myself to my fans. To the world at large.”


5. Who would be your “dream artist” to do an opening act for and why?

“Keith Urban. My biggest single to date is a tune he and Vernon Rust wrote called “That Was Her This Is Now”. I have recorded the only version of that song.”


6. Who was your most influential artist in your early years?

“So many, but Martha Davis, Patsy Cline and Chrissie Hynde to name a few prominent influences.”


7. Do you have hobbies that keep you busy when you are not on the road/in studio?

“Do I? Been kickboxing with regular workouts three times a week for the past 10 years! Been rescuing feral cats for years; and of course I am; which is becoming less of a hobby all the time, and more of an active way I can be of service to other women with children in the music business!”


8. “What is at the top of your bucket list besides music?

“I want to write and direct movies!”


9. Do you have a “lucky charm” you carry on stage or a routine for good luck you do before you go onstage?

I am not superstitious. I carry my faith with me wherever I go!


10. What is your favorite comfort food?

I’m Irish! Potatoes! Any kind of potatoes!


11. Current project you are promoting (SINGLE – TOUR – CD etc.) and what are you most excited about it??

“After two years in the making of Let It Go, you know I am excited about the CD release. I believe it to be my best recording to date.”


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Eileen Carey Releases “Let It Go”: A Song That’s More Than A Song

Award-Winning Singer Will Showcase New Single and Album at Country Radio Seminar

(Nashville, TN January 31, 2014) Sometimes a song is more than a song. Think Garth Brooks’ “The Dance,” which animated an entire generation to see life for its possibilities, not its pitfalls. Or Joe Nichols’ dare-to-dream epic, “The Impossible.” Now comes Eileen Carey’s sassy new single, “Let It Go,” to remind us that we can soar if we only have the grit to cast off those petty circumstances that tend to tie us down. Eileen will debut “Let It Go” on CDX No. 588 and MPE on Monday, Feb. 3, and follow up the release with performance, interviews and meet-and-greets at Country Radio Seminar in Nashville Feb. 19-21. “Let Is Go” is the title track from Eileen’s current album set for release this February.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Eileen Carey currently lives in California, where she’s distinguished herself as a singer, actress and artist-ambassador for the Supercuts beauty salon chain. In 2009, she won the Los Angeles Music Award for Americana Album of the Year and in 2010 the Producer’s Choice Award for Dance Single of the Year. Her movie credits include Hoffa, Batman and Basic Instinct.
“I try to use my music to give people a different way of thinking, a different outlet,” says Eileen. In “Let It Go,” she achieves that goal magnificently.


from Country Music News International

Eileen Carey, multi award singer actress rocks

Eileen Carey Interviewed- read here

Pop Country Artist Eileen Carey In the Studio with Carolyn Fox

This week, award-winning singer songwriter Eileen Carey will join Carolyn Fox in the studio as our special guest on the syndicated broadcast radio show, “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight.”

Eileen will give listeners a preview of new songs from her soon-t0-be-released CD, “Let It Go.” She and her music director and co-writer John Groover McDuffie perform some of this new music live in the studio.

To hear a taste of Eileen Carey’s great new music, tune your radio in Los Angeles to 1580 AM on Friday, Sept. 14 at midnight, and at 810 AM in Annapolis/Baltimore at 6 PM EST on Saturday, Sept. 15. Don’t have a radio? Hear this installment of “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight” on the Internet starting Sunday, Sept. 16 at the show’s website at and at our blog at


South Pasadena Patch


Pasadena Weekly


Supercuts Names Country-Pop Singer Eileen Carey “Rock The Cut” Artist Ambassador

Supercuts, one of the nation’s largest hair salon chains, has selected award-winning Country-Pop recording artist Eileen Carey as one of their newly-named “Rock The Cut” Artist Ambassadors.


As a “Rock The Cut” Artist Ambassador, Carey gets to share up-to-the-minute news, tour dates, and music with both her current fans and new ones via Supercut’s vast worldwide Social Media Network.


Log onto Eileen Carey’s Supercuts Rock The Cut page here and download her song “Faith” for free.


Carey will make a special appearance at the 4th Annual Summer Fest concert in Venice Beach this July and the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach in August, as well as releasing the follow-up album to her critically-acclaimed “Movin’ On.”


What The Press Is Saying About Eileen Carey And Her CD “Movin’ On:


“Eileen Carey’s voice is a droplet of honey dangling from a hive: glistening, all natural, and inviting…but don’t be fooled by the coating because the woman beneath is strong, confident, and just a little bit sassy! Lyrically Carey is smart, to the point, and colorful. Potent lines such as ‘Your lips have lost their poetry’ from the title track deliver her message with absolute focused precision and flair. Eileen has something to say and she says it dynamically. An upbeat, empowering twirling dance that relishes life in the moment and celebrates the wonder, joy and excitement of what comes next.”



“Upbeat, easy on the ears, blue skies and country sunshine – that’s the sounds of Eileen Carey!! I must admit – although I’m from Texas – I somewhat tend to favor rock and pop music over country music. But I also must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to several of Eileen Carey’s songs when I received them. They got my attention and kept my attention throughout each of the songs. The bright acoustics, clever lyrics and crystal clear sounds of Eileen Carey may just be the type of country music I could really become a BIG fan of. Send me more Eileen!!”



The bi-coastal Carey blends a winning combination of smart, from-the-heart lyrics with a radio-friendly blend of Pop and Country. One of those songs, the playful, upbeat “Out With the Girls,” won “Dance Single of the Year” at the 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards and was successfully remade into a country/dance song to accompany a nationwide dance club promotion.

Eileen Carey: From L.A.To Nashville, She Keeps Movin’ On With Her Music By Debra Stocker

“Eileen Carey’s voice is a droplet of honey dangling from a hive: glistening, all natural, and inviting…but don’t be fooled by the coating because the woman beneath is strong, confident, and just a little bit sassy! Lyrically Carey is smart, to the point, and colorful. Potent lines such as ‘Your lips have lost their poetry’ from the title track deliver her message with absolute focused precision and flair. Eileen has something to say and she says it dynamically. An upbeat, empowering twirling dance that relishes life in the moment and celebrates the wonder, joy and excitement of what comes next.”


All Access Magazine (AAM) recently sat down with Pop-Country vocalist Eileen Carey (EC) for a wide-ranging interview about her beginnings in music, her bi-coastal career, winning two L.A. Music Aawards, and what her future plans are. Here’s how it went.

AAM: Who is Eileen Carey?

EC: A singer-songwriter-vocalist in the Pop-Country genre who has also acted and sang on commercial jingles, who divides her musical career between Los Angeles, Calif. and Nashville, Tenn.

AAM: How would you describe the music you play?

EC: I think life is a treasure chest of journeys. Most have fantastic awakenings. Others, are sometimes very difficult to travel through. I make a journey of every song. I find a way to open the doors along the way and offer a ride to anyone heading in a similar direction. Or maybe having been there before, go a new way. It’s a way to share feelings and experiences that have affected where we are or where we are going. I like my music to be lifting; to impress hope with strength and determination. Whether you need a little or a lot, I like to think my songs can light a fire under your seat.

AAM: When did it dawn on you that you might want to sing and perform music full-time for a career?

EC: I always loved music. Listening gave me direction and my own bravery to follow it. As I grew, music gave me a way to express myself and share what I have learned and what I still hoped for. I try very hard to deliver that freedom with my music today. I worked in the middle years in Hotel Management. I was able to interact with others and exercise leadership, but it was always a predetermined adventure. It was gathering together to carry out someone else’s wishes. I liked that I was able to recognize myself in other people and their approach to each journey, but I always found myself a bit shy when it came to sharing those views or feelings. When I began working in the entertainment areas of the hotels; booking the artists and performers, scheduling them for the right events, it reminded me just how clearly music communicated to its audience. That’s when I knew I wanted to bring music, my own music, to the front of whatever I tried in life. Once I began doing that with my own singing and song writing, the hotels began booking me, and the response was overwhelming. It didn’t take long after that for me to want to continue writting and performing full time. It’s what gave me the ability to accept success with joyous reward, and failure with repair and resolve. It was also nice to be acknowledged for my music by winning “Americana Album of the Year” in 2009 and “Dance Single of the Year” in 2010, both at the L.A. Music Awards.

AAM: Talk about your previous career as an actress and making commercials.

EC: I moved to Southern California and was star struck. I took acting classes and performed in musical theater. I loved the atmosphere of the television and film industry and got as close as I could to any production that would have me. I tried out for any small part, walk-on, or extra position that I could get. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the business of directing and creating for TV and commercial film. I made the most of my oportunities. I went to work with Ray Charles in a Pepsi commercial. I spent time filming with Jack Nicholson in the movie “Hoffa.” I had a lot of fun and freedom working with Danny DeVito in “Batman,” and while most of my screen time was cut out while working with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in the film “Basic Instinct,” the rewards of the experience were worth every second of the time I put in. Being able to talk to him (Douglas) gave me so much vision. The industry is vast and complicated, but these stars can deliver an enormous expression of life in a short period of time. My delivery was more musical, and I realized my music could be expressed as a 3 ?-to-4-minute movie.

AAM: Virtually every musician I’ve ever interviewed has at least one or more (other) musicians that have helped shape and influence their music. Who are your influences?

EC: I have admired many different musicians and have been influenced by the characteristics of some of the top people who have made a real difference in the music industry. Songwriter Dianne Warren; for her magical way of bringing lyrics and music together in an unmistakeable blend all her own. The Pretender’s Chrissie Hynde; for her brave way of expressing her words and feelings across newly-developed sounds and mixtures. Sheryl Crow crosses many lines – Pop, Country, Rock, and Folk – and always delivers the absolute best that any song can be. And my favorite male artist would be Keith Urban; he flat-out raises the bar for songs that are written with feeling and delivered with joy. It’s usually sweet and intoxicating…like spiked punch! (laughs). I love all of that and feel it in what I do musically. In my own way I look for myself to write like Dianne, sing like Chrissie, deliver like Sheryl, and spike it up like Keith!

AAM: Your Bio says you divide your time between Nashville and Los Angeles? Please explain.

EC: I go back and forth. My Midwestern roots are what I seem to be driven to…or away from. Let’s face it, When I’m in Nashville, I’m from L.A. and when I’m in L.A., I’m from Nashville. I love both areas for similar reasons. I guess I’m a Cross-Country Artist. I love to mix it up and break some of the rules and traditions, and then bring the outcome to the other side of the country. I love the feeling I get here in Los Angeles and the energy that keeps pumping into me here on the West coast. I feel like my songs are well-received and have been getting through to people long after their release. It’s like, the story never gets old out here. The people, the activities, the friendships, and even the controversies stay fresh and encourage me to write in the midst of all that surrounds me.

Nashville is where the country flavor kicks into gear. I have been inspired by the talent that resides there and the challenge that it takes for a woman to direct her way into working with such a legendary part of the country. I have done radio station tours and performances in and around the Nashville area and feel welcomed in such a way that my songs reflect a deeper courage and comfort. That good “home” feeling you never want to let go of? Well, it rocks out here in L.A. and sometimes in the studio with some of the Nashville musicians that join me here.

AAM: What’s it like being a musician trying to make ends meet in 2011?

EC: Oh, Gosh! I dont think it’s ever been harder to stay in the music world that I love so much. I’m gonna have to cancel my private jet and my two Summer homes in the South of France! (laughs). But really, the budget is tough and the opportunities are getting tougher. The independent artists in music have made a strong attempt over the recent years to turn the industry’s ear toward some of the best talent that music has generated in a long time. Still it’s a struggle, but as hard as it gets, this is no time to give up. Everybody is feeling the strain and everyone is giving a little bit to keep going. For example, I work with top-notch people in the studio that have reduced their recording costs. There are great people in other areas of production and marketing that have trimmed their costs as well. Not to give less, but to support more. It is encouraging that the passion of everyone’s work is still the driving force. I sell cds on the internet and at my shows but I am most fortunate to be associated with suportive indpendent artist groups such as Rockin’ Moms, Chick Singer Nights, and Nette Radio. They help bring artists together to support each other and build their own craft. It’s important that I give back and stay involved in good causes with my music and these organizations, among others are very helpful in doing that. I really enjoy giving people a lift, so if I can do it with music and generate awareness for good causes, it’s a win-win. Like the title of my song “What Goes Around Comes Around,” it usually comes back to me. I get new opportunities and share whatever earnings come with it. Isn’t that what it’s really all about?

AAM: Talk about some of the favorite songs you have written over time.

EC: Well there’s a few from each of my previous cds. “Possibillities” was my first cd and it’s loaded with great music; “That Town” is the one song that really got me going. It set the stage for breaking away from old places and habits that weren’t getting me anywhere. “Hearts Of Time” is the title track to my second CD and it shines with hopes and visions of a better way. It has some of the best people working on it from both L.A. and Nashville at the same time. My third, and most positively-influenced CD is called “Movin’ On.” It has several great tunes that I think are most reflective of courage and confidence and show that what you truly desire can be accomplished. “Out With The Girls,” tells all the girls – poor, young, rich, and old – to take a little time off and grab a night out on the town! “Faith” reminds us that sometimes we end up in the wrong situation or relationship and either we dont know it, or we don’t want to know it. Whatever the case may be, if you have a little faith in yourself, you will find a way to right the situation. I love the song “Do I Dare” because it keeps me going for it. I keep trying like the song says, “to reach beyond my fingers”. Then there’s “Mr. Right Now”. Even though I didn’t write this song, it’s a fun song to sing and the ladies love it! “Mr. Right Now” is about having fun in your present relationship…with no ties.


AAM: Going forward, what do you desire to happen in terms of growing your career?

EC: 2012 is going to be a pretty exciting year for me as I’ll be releasing a new album. I’ll also have a new dance single coming out sometime this year for the Country dance saloon clubs. That will be a whole lot of fun.Touring will be high on my list of priorities in 2012 as well. I’m scheduling all over California, across the Southern U.S., back to Nashville and who knows… maybe my first time on the East Coast in the Fall. I’m hoping to pick up bigger shows and artists that I can open or co-host like The Judds or Pat Benatar. Maybe even Sheryl or Chrissie! My dream would be getting my music into TV/Film and Commercials. I think it fits in with what I see in TV drama and comercials with a lot of action and high spirit. I hope to keep sharing my music all over the world.