Interview with Eileen Carey – Good Bad Girl


California singer-songwriter and Altadena resident Eileen Carey, keeps winning awards, tops radio charts and draws crowds to her performances. New Music Weekly’s Crossover Artist of 2017, and National Radio Hits’ Favorite Female Country Artist of this Year, has also won three Los Angeles Music Awards, most recently 2016 Female Country Artist of the Year, and a South Bay trophy as well, for her brand of positive Country-Pop.

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Beyond the Surface: Singer-songwriter Eileen Carey on Following Her Path to Music and Giving Back

Award-winning singer-songwriter Eileen Carey was named 2017 Crossover Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly. Breaking down the barriers between country and pop, Carey is currently promoting her flirtatious feel-good new single “Good Bad Girl.” She’s a recipient of the Producer’s Choice Award for 2016 Female Country Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards, as well as an award from industry-driven Independent Music Network awards.

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A Little Faith Will Carey A Dream

By Katharine W. Poole
For Women of Music Music of Women

Eileen Carey has learned to Let It Go, the title and title track of her latest CD shares a wisdom, philosophy and joy of life. It is a unique project, that contains both a re-release of one of her prior songs and several covers. “Don’t get me wrong (Chrissie Hynde) was first aired in in Europe and went well there. [I will be ] interested to see how people take to it in the states. Only the lonely, (Martha Davis) is already getting airplay in the States, as is her third cover, the popular 80’s Katrina and the Waves: Walking on Sunshine ( Kimberly Rew.)

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Eileen Carey Interview – Written by: Rudie Humphrey

The award-winning California-based singer/songwriter’s fourth and latest album LET IT GO features songs which follow through on the theme on letting go of those ties that bind us to the past and perhaps no song is more evident than the title track, “Let It Go,” a thumping up-tempo country pop tune about forgetting the small things or events from our past that lead to insecurities and indecisions of life.

Local Animal Welfare Nonprofit to Host “Whiskers in the Moonlight:” A Music Benefit of Support and Community at The Autry


(April 14, 2015) Los Angeles, CA

FixNation, a local nonprofit organization, will host a charity music event featuring world-renowned guitar-player Carl Verheyen and countrymusic singer/songwriter, Eileen Carey. This event, titled Whiskers in the Moonlight, will attract more than 250 music-lovers and supporters from the Los Angeles area.

On July 25, 2015, at 7pm, the highly regarded non-profit, whose mission it is to reduce the cat population through spay/neuter and Trap-Neuter-Return, is partnering with legendary guitarist Carl Verheyen of Supertramp, rising country star Eileen Carey, local sensation The Podunk Poets and others to be announced.

Actress Morgan Fairchild will host the event, with additional celebrities, organizations and donors coming on board for a night of music and community. “Whiskers in the Moonlight,” will be held at The Autry in the center of Griffith Park.

The event will include a variety of vegetarian foods, cash bar, event merchandise, VIP gift bags, open gallery at the museum, photo opportunities, celebrity appearances and camaraderie among members of the animal welfare community including rescuers and volunteer “trappers”. For more information on Whiskers in the Moonlight and FixNation, visit




About FixNation

FixNation is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that supports Trap-Neuter- Return programs for homeless cats. The organization provides a free full-time spay/neuter clinic for homeless cats as well as affordable spay/neuter services for tame companion cats. FixNation’s programs have successfully sterilized more than 115,000 cats to date. For more information, please visit



About Carl Verheyen

In his 40-plus years of playing the guitar, Carl has created a wildly successful, multifaceted career. He is a critically acclaimed musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and educator with eleven CDs and two live DVDs released worldwide. Carl is commonly regarded as a guitar virtuoso capable of playing any style of music with remarkable mastery and conviction. For more information, please visit


About Eileen Carey

Eileen is one of California’s most popular Country singer-songwriters, can boast a multitude of awards and nominations over her four-album career. She has packed every venue she has played from the three Annual Summer Fests on Venice Beach for the Homeless, to the House of Blues Hollywood, and the honkytonks in Nashville. Recently nominated for Female Country Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly, Eileen’s #1 hit single “Bottle Your Crazy Up” and her almost viral music video of the same name, has now catapulted Eileen into the A-list of country music attractions. For more information, please visit


About The Podunk Poets

The Podunk Poets are a rowdy, duet-fronted band from Los Angeles with a classic country, honkytonk feel. They create original music inspired by their love of the classic sound of country duet legends such as Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. Recently, they were on the bill with Merle Haggard at the Ink-N-Iron Festival and have played the Folk Revival Festival, Los Angeles and San Diego Pride Festivals, The Hotel Cafe, Grand Ole’ Echo, House of Blues, Pappy & Harriet’s, and other great venues around California and the country. For more information, please visit


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Put That Tequila Down and “Bottle Your Crazy Up!”

Put That Tequila Down and “Bottle Your Crazy Up!” Hold the ice, Eileen Carey has good advice in her latest single. It’s mixed for good ole’ country ‘Dance Halls Days’ and already has the music charts ablaze.

“This world’s a rollercoaster of up and downs; through my music I try to get people to a better place in their life through a new perspective.”- Eileen Carey

(PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, USA) September 3rd, 2014 – Whoa girl, put that tequila down! ‘Let It Go’ or you might do something you’ll regret! Instead, “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” as the lyrics suggest, in the latest offering from country artist Eileen Carey’s album, Let It Go. The song “Bottle Your Crazy Up” goes down smooth – as it is mixed into three flavors. Two versions are blended for “Dance Hall Days.” A third, bottled for radio currently has the country charts ablaze!

bycu“Bottle Your Crazy Up” is the second single to drop off of Let It Go, which is Carey’s fourth album released since her debut in 2002. Critics have hailed Let It Go as her best work to date. The song follows the creative blueprint this award-winning songwriter always rolls out when composing, “It is the story in any song is key for me,” she explains. However, Carey is especially excited about this single as she offers more insight, “This single speaks of a woman telling another not to rebound after a breakup on her first date. She advises her friend not to drink the tequila, to be on her best behavior, save the crazy for later.”

The original version of “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” is currently ascending the country radio charts and has already moved into the Top 40 on the New Music Weekly Country Main Charts. The other two versions include a dance and club mix, which are slated for use in Eileen’s whirlwind radio and dance club tour which has dates booked through Kentucky and Tennessee from September 22nd, 2014 through September 26th, 2014.“Bottle Your Crazy Up” was penned by Bart Almond and Amy Dalley and produced by the talented Nashville/Los Angeles based Travis Allen Childress of Nashville Tracks.

There’s a reason Eileen Carey is one of California’s most popular country songwriters and performers; she hooks her songs with message and melody. “Bottle Your Crazy Up is fun-loving dance song with the boot-scooters in mind. It’s lyrically-loaded, line-dancing lover’s lick. So, hold the salt, lime and ice and before you take that drink… think! Put it down, Let it Go and “Bottle Your Crazy Up.” Save all that energy for the oak floors and Eileen’s dance hall tours!




(626) 372.9599 (tel)

Eileen Carey – Neufutur Mag Interview

By James McQuiston August 23, 2014 ,

1) Let It Go is your latest album. What does it contribute to the story of Eileen Carey, the performer?

I think my music has always had an upbeat, life is good if you just choose to let it happen message in it. It is a personal choice whether to embrace it or not. All my music advocates that embracing….Possibilities 2002, Hearts of Time 2005, Movin On 2009 and now Let It Go.

In the context of your question, I would have to answer that I am sticking to my guns about the messages of faith, hope and doing it; and my music carries that message in the new CD. I am a woman of my word. Do not flip-flop about my beliefs and advice. So in some case this CD is more of the same. A renewal of my commitment to my ideas. Musically as well actually.

2) Which tracks off of Let It Go are your favorites, and what about the efforts make them?




I am a singer as well as a songwriter…different tracks on this CD are favorites for different reasons. I love my cover of Martha Davis’ 1982 hit with the Motels, “Only the Lonely.” Travis Allen Childress, my producer, nailed the ambience of the song. Obviously the first single off the CD, “Let It Go,” who I wrote with Kathryn Grimm has special meaning to me. It is, being the title song, the summation of this album’s specific positive theme.

But I am really excited about the just released second single, “Bottle Your Crazy Up.” Here’s the scene of the song:  One woman is telling another not to rebound from a bad breakup too hard and too fast.  And here’s what she advises:

Don’t order the tequila, ‘cause you know how you get, Don’t talk about your ex, you ain’t over him yet, You can wear the short skirt, but I’d forget the heels,  And don’t go on about how you feel. . . . Bottle your crazy up!”




3) What artists possess the greatest influences on your music?

Well, I am going to start off by listing some of my favs that I have sung as well here: Patsy Cline’s “Walking after Midnight”; Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders’ “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” also on this Let It Go CD. I always admired Cheryl Crow and did the only version of a Keith Urban and Vernon Rust tune on my last CD Movin On. Songwriters like Diane Warren. I already mentioned “Only the Lonely, and Martha Davis…but also the Beatles, yes the Beatles. I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland playing drums and that had an influence on the tempos of the music I sing.

Didn’t think of my music as “country” specifically, but right from the start country radio picked me up for “That Town”. It originally went to AC but country radio promoter Gene Kennedy picked it up and it got airplay across the country stations.

4) How has your style evolved and changed over the time since your first album?

Music gave me a way to express myself and share what I have learned and what I still hoped for. I am a better singer-songwriter today, but as importantly my style has become more diverse and refined. Let It Go is my best work. Thematically similar to the past, but much more open and fan orientated. We use horns on this record and I even sung a real pop tune in “Walking on Sunshine” that old (late 70s) Katrina & the Wave song. I am country, but I just couldn’t help testing my reach on that. Been performing it on stage lately, and I get nervous every time it comes up in the set; but the response has been gratifying, especially at the Fairs and Festivals where I perform to very diverse crowds on both coasts.

5) Can you describe your creative process and your recording set up for us?

Well, when I start thinking about what is on my mind that needs being said, I start writing songs and looking for material that I identify with and is a challenge for me to sing.

The avenues that my material comes from is as diverse as is my tastes. If I am singing and arranging another songwriter’s song I make it mine. Generally as “Country” as possible. Lyrics are a key element in what I choose to sing.

When I have written or chosen the material I go to Travis and we arrange it so we can send it to these Nashville studio musicians, who have been recording the basic tracks on my music for years now.

The vocals, back-ups, sweeting, solos and other additions are done here in Los Angeles at Travis’ studio. The mixing as well. We master at Sonic Vision Mastering here in Los Angeles.

6) How can interested readers listen to your music?

Google Eileen Carey and you will find my music everywhere. Amazon, I-Tunes, CD Baby:

7) Do you have any live dates or performances that you are promoting?

Just came off a very long spring and summer stint of engagements. House of Blues Hollywood, Rippy’s & Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, Spotlight Artist of the 6th Annual VeniceFest on Venice Beach, CA for the Make A Wish Foundation, Orange County Fair, The Grand Ole’ Echo in Los Angeles, The Doll Factory, etc.

Still filling in upcoming dates to go along with a September 22nd to the 26th whirlwind 5 five days running radio and dance club tour for the new single “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” now booked in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.

Also, doing a private party acoustic show on Saturday evening, October 18th, at the Kidd’s Jewelry Heist on Mission St. during the South Pasadena Art Walk. And

I am, with other concerned animal and cat lovers, going to produce a feral cat adoption fundraiser and direct adoption event here in Los Angeles in late November or early December for the holiday season. We will play a set, along with some other friends and artists at the event.

Most of my plans for the Fall besides promoting this single, “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” are my writing and recording a 5th CD. Know what I want to do…can’t wait to get back in the studio.

8) What has been your most memorable live experience?

I have been playing homeless events for some years now; and it is hard to imagine a more memorable experience in recent years than the homeless crowd that danced freely and happily to my music during the 5th Annual VeniceFest for the Make A Wish Foundation on July 28th, 2013. I have had plenty of full houses and appreciative audiences, but that particular “Country in the Sand” afternoon is quite memorable to me. This year was fun, but that performance was special.

Obviously, my performance for winning Americana Album of the Year at the L.A. Music Awards was an inspired show. One not easily forgotten.




But my most prominent memorable moment in music came when I first heard myself on the radio in 2002 here in with “That Town” here in L.A. I knew I was home!

9) What goals do you still have left to accomplish in your career?

Everything! As an independent there are so many things you still must reach to be recognized with the household names. No matter what one might think of it, I expressed exactly what I still have left to accomplish in the opening cut on the CD, “Bring on the big.”

On an artistic level I can’t help but want to continue to make good records and make people feel good. I want to increase my song writing skills, and I want to direct movies. My short but somewhat successful career in film, before music took over, as an actress (Hoffa, Basic Instinct and the original Batman film, along with advertising campaigns like my role in one of Ray Charles’ Diet-Pepsi commercials) has left me with a taste for film.

I want to open or a couple major acts this year and next; and I am starting to work on a new CD. You can never stop striving if you want to earn the audience’s attention.

10) Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Yes, Country music is about real people and their real lives. It is a wearing your heart on your sleeve music. We are regular Joe’s! We like are music to be about what is real and tangible in our lives! And we like to be able to sing the hook. But mostly, it’s all about the lyrics, the story!!