Music Industry Mastery

Interview with Eileen Carey

Eileen Carey is an award-winning singer, mother, and music’s best kept secret. Over her career, Carey has amassed over 25 awards and has performed at nearly 80 notable venues.

What motivated you to pursue music professionally?

EC: As a kid I fooled around playing drums. Would sing in lots of school shows as well. Music was always my first love. I came to California to make movies and I was booking entertainment for a hotel chain, and realized I could do as good as the people I was booking. So, I started writing songs and cut a couple in the studio. One was my take on Patsy Cline’s hit “Walking After Midnight.” which was the winning track in a Nashville radio syndicated fan contest where it just won out over Martina McBride. The other track was “That Town,” a nostalgic look back on my youth spent in Ohio. “That Town” soon took off on Adult Contemporary radio. These first two songs convinced me that I really did have the goods to succeed in the music industry.

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