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On Monday, January 17 at 10 a.m., award-winning Southern California-based Country-Pop artist Eileen Carey will demonstrate her “Out With The Girls” country line dance on “Actors E Chat,” the popular Hollywood-based online television show spot- lighting actors, musicians, and enter- tainers airing daily on the Actors Entertainment Network (log onto www.actors that day to view and chat live). Carey has remade “Out With The Girls” into a country/dance song to accompany a nationwide dance club promotion. The target audience for the promotion is the female country fan in the middle- to upper-middle income group between the ages of 24 and 45.

“Out With the Girls” is being distributed to top dance clubs, deejays and dance instructors in the top 100 DMA markets for a 12-week rotation of club airplay. Additionally, local contests and promotions have been created to partner with female-oriented consumer products via traditional and new media outlets including


A new website has been created for this campaign:

All told, the “Out With the Girls” promotion will impact over 2 million club patrons. Country music is the most programmed radio format in the United States with approximately forty-two million adults listening to country music in the United States. Sponsorship opportunities for the “Out with the Girls” club promotion include naming rights on t-shirts, posters, coasters, banners and a host of premium items specifically designed for the aforementioned targeted female audience. “Out With The Girls” – included on Carey’s recent CD release, “Movin’ On” ( – was awarded “Producer’s Choice: Dance Single of the Year” at the 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards this past November, the second consecutive year Carey has garnered a plaque from the longest independent awards show of its kind (she won “Americana Album of the Year” at the LAMA’s in 2009 for “Movin’ On”).