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Eileen Carey: Girls Rock!

Eileen Carey is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and musician. Her most recent album, Movin On, won Americana Album of the Year at the 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards. Just who is the up-and-comer Carey?

For the answer to that, we must travel back through the mists of time. Carey’s career in the entertainment industry has its roots deep in the past. Carey has been exposed to music since she was a child growing up in Ohio.

Carey began her music education at age 8 when she received a drum kit for a present. She became “an accomplished drummer” by age 13. All through high school she performed at various family and school events although the warm receptions she received only served to reinforce a feeling she had that her small-town environment was holding her back. In the late 1980s she would leave her friends and family behind and move to California.

It would be there that her life would go through some major changes. She would marry, start a family and even begin her studies of acting, film and theater. Struggling through countless casting calls, Carey captured a role as one of “the original ‘Uh-Huh Girls’” backing Ray Charles in a national Pepsi advertising campaign and Super Bowl performance. She also got gigs in the major motion pictures: Hoffa, Basic Instinct and the Keaton-Nicholson Batman.

Scoring those roles only served to urge her to score her songs as the need to make music once more took center stage. She once again drew on her old muses–Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, The Beatles, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, songwriter Diane Warren and major Motown artists–and took pen to paper to focus on writing and performing her own, original material. She began by playing intimate venues, local clubs and regional music festivals.

Carey soon began recording and as the new millennium began she released her 2000 debut disc an EP entitled That Town. This would only include 3 folk rock or country pop cuts: “Wings”, the title track “That Town”—which somehow sounds as if it was one of her earliest songs–and “Lazy”.

Two years later Carey released the rockin’ “That Town” the single and more importantly her next CD titled Possibilities. This one featured only 9 tracks including the parenthetically-placed “Joey” and the original “Bad Boy” (not to be confused with the 1984 Paul McCartney track of the same name.)

In between live performances and everyday life Carey continued to write and record. In 2005 she would release Hearts Of Time. The album included 10 tracks including the lead-in “Hearts Of Time” and other contemporary country cuts such as “Hollywood” and an encore of “Lazy”.

Carey says one of the best experiences of her career was “receiving a great review . . . from Music Connection and Nashville Music Guide.” The next year she released her single “Walking After Midnight”. 2007 witnessed Carey’s cuts being added to Tennessee T-Cakes’ music selections available for inclusion in their gift baskets.

In fact, Carey contributed cuts to several compilations since the start of her career including charity projects. She’s been especially active with causes such as Operation Gratitude, Worldfest, FemMuse, Team Diabetes, Indie Music for Life and Angels Among Us for which she was selected as Top Sponsor.

2008 would be the best year yet for Carey as she would release her most recent work, Movin On. As per usual, Carey, unlike some contemporaries, pays tribute to obvious influences without directly imitating them. The album opens with the “sounds like a single” Keith Urban penned piece “That Was Her This Is Now”.

It’s ironic that this song (co-written by Vernon Rust and Urban) is the first in a number of songs that seem to come from a woman’s viewpoint. While some critics claim cuts are crammed with assertive females it no doubt is simply the result of a prevalent female perspective which no doubt flows more easily out of Carey than a male point of view. (We writers write what we know, folks.)

The second selection is “What Goes Around Comes Around”. It’s an upbeat song co-written with guitarist JohnMcDuffie. It’s followed by the (almost) title track “Moving On” which moves on to the next number, “Stand”. “Stand” is perhaps one of the disc’s hidden hits in terms of overall quality.

The bold “Do I Dare” is yet one more example of Carey’s versatile talents as a performer. One of the best tracks on the album, however, soon eclipses this one. Indeed, “He’s Not Mr. Right He’s Mr. Right Now” has convinced your crusty chronicler to put an end to all the drinking and partying.

After all, this song was clearly written about cutie Carey’s experience with your randy, rockin’ writer and yet yours truly has no memory of even one of the moments this song obviously implies we must have shared. This song is obviously your playful penman’s theme song. Calling this cut the “Critic’s Choice”, however, would be so vain.

Therefore, the honor must fall to the more obvious choice–“Out With The Girls”. While we’ve already heard Dolly Parton do this kind of thing decades ago with “9 To 5”, Carey somehow still makes it work with her own personal tuneful twist. It has an upbeat tempo—all-girl tune—or not it’s catchy. (In 2009 Carey put out a dance remix which could be headed for “The Land of Multiple Replays”.) This one even scored Producer’s Choice Dance Single Of The Year in 2010 at the L.A. Music Awards.

“Faith” follows. It’s a bit more of a low key track that is somehow vaguely reminiscent of Hynde. Carey believes that it is important to have “faith in your ability and the willingness to seek out opportunities and take chances”—a message that can be found in much of her music.

The album closes with “Newsflash” which could be a musical message—a notification from Carey—perhaps a foreshadowing of something more. Indeed, Carey’s cuts could be catching on as her Movin On album took the Americana Album of the Year at the 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards. Her 2009 single release of “That Was Her This Is Now” scored “Song of the Year” at the 2009 South Bay Music Awards.

While women may appear be a target audience to some critics there is a bigger picture to see here. Yes, the “Out With The Girls” dance remix is a hit with women everywhere and has even been nominated for “Dance Song of the Year” at the 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. Still, other songs are receiving airplay the world over in such countries as the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Sweden and even Serbia.

There is more to the music here than tired, one-track feminism. Carey seems to be a singer with a lot to say and to more than just overworked women and other troubled tootsies. This brassy babe’s belief of enjoying the moment without stressing over the future is a message significant to any audience. “Newsflash”, folks: Eileen Carey is indeed “Moving On” . . . to bigger and better things.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.

Song Writers Webcast

EILEEN CAREY- Upbeat, easy on the ears, blue skies and country sunshine – that’s the sounds of Eileen Carey!! I must admit – although I’m from Texas – I somewhat tend to favor rock and pop music over country music. But I also must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to several of Eileen Carey’s songs when I received them. They got my attention and kept my attention throughout each of the songs. The bright acoustics, clever lyrics and crystal clear sounds of Eileen Carey may just be the type of country music I could really become a BIG fan of. Send me more Eileen!!


Sarah Emily interviews Eileen Carey

eileencarey-1-1Submitted by tellthemadmin on Thu, 03/03/2011 – 16:41

Musician, Singer, Songwriter Eileen Carey speaks to our Sarah Emily for

Not content with an acting role in Batman, or being one of Ray Charles’ original ‘Uh huh’ girls, Eileen Carey is now concentrating on her music career. The mix of pop, rock and country is enough to get people listening but adding the familiar themes she puts into her songs, Eileen connects with many woman her own age.

Read on to find out more about Eileen’ acting and music career, plus why she’s an expert juggler!!………………

Who were your idols when you were young? Who/What inspired you??

Whitney Houston Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders, The Beatles. My favourite writer is Diane Warren. They inspired me on their song writing performance Vocals just love their style.

You have done acting in film and theatre. What made you chose music over these?

I have been singing all my life I just love all kinds of music. When I moved to Los Angeles CA I was studied theatre and later went on film school to become a director. While I was studying in Film school I was very lucky to get acting parts in the film /TV/Commercial Industry. However, as time

went on I just knew and felt that music is where I wanted to be. But from all of this great film and theatre training I’ve been able to put all this experience in creating my music.

 You write your own music and lyrics, where do you get your ideas? What kind of process do you use, if any, when writing?

I get my ideas from my own life experiences and watching other people and their conversations. In Los Angeles you spend a lot of time in the car driving. Believe it or not, I do a lot of writing in my car…when I have an idea I record it into the tape recorder. Then when I get home, I write it

down. From there I contact my co-writers. And then we are off to create!

Tell us a bit about your newest album. What can people expect and look forward to from this album?

Good question; however, to be honest, there’s not a great deal to discuss yet, as its still in the beginning stages.

You work alongside many charities as well as doing your music, plus being a mum, and wife… do you find the time for everything????

I don’t really know. I guess I’m just a good Juggler! (laughs).

And finally, what does 2011 hold for you? What are you looking forward to? What are you NOT looking forward to? Plans? Dreams? Hopes? Fears?

2011 it’s gonna be a pretty exciting year for me as I’ll be releasing a new cd. I’ll also be having a new dance single coming out in June called “Faith” for the Country dance saloon clubs & touring. My dream would be getting my music into TV/Film and Commercials.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me!



Valley Scene Magazine

On Monday, January 17 at 10 a.m., award-winning Southern California-based Country-Pop artist Eileen Carey will demonstrate her “Out With The Girls” country line dance on “Actors E Chat,” the popular Hollywood-based online television show spot- lighting actors, musicians, and enter- tainers airing daily on the Actors Entertainment Network (log onto www.actors that day to view and chat live). Carey has remade “Out With The Girls” into a country/dance song to accompany a nationwide dance club promotion. The target audience for the promotion is the female country fan in the middle- to upper-middle income group between the ages of 24 and 45.

“Out With the Girls” is being distributed to top dance clubs, deejays and dance instructors in the top 100 DMA markets for a 12-week rotation of club airplay. Additionally, local contests and promotions have been created to partner with female-oriented consumer products via traditional and new media outlets including


A new website has been created for this campaign:

All told, the “Out With the Girls” promotion will impact over 2 million club patrons. Country music is the most programmed radio format in the United States with approximately forty-two million adults listening to country music in the United States. Sponsorship opportunities for the “Out with the Girls” club promotion include naming rights on t-shirts, posters, coasters, banners and a host of premium items specifically designed for the aforementioned targeted female audience. “Out With The Girls” – included on Carey’s recent CD release, “Movin’ On” ( – was awarded “Producer’s Choice: Dance Single of the Year” at the 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards this past November, the second consecutive year Carey has garnered a plaque from the longest independent awards show of its kind (she won “Americana Album of the Year” at the LAMA’s in 2009 for “Movin’ On”).

Artist Name Eileen Carey Genre Country Title Movin On Record Company Self-Titled


Once again I’m in a good ole’ Country Music listening mood and I have been lucky enuff to grace anew cd by the very talented female country singer and songwriter Eileen Carey…

I’m sitting here truly enjoying the music and each song’s well-written story-telling lyrics… The songs are inviting and easy on the ears. Ms. Carey sings from the heart and offers up some great hooks and melody lines… Production, engineering, arrangements and recording mix are top-notch. I hear influences from the the early Eagles to our modern day artists such as Wynonna Judd. Her music crosses everything from easy listening country music, to Americana and pop music.

The backup band is tight and very lively. Some of the best country pickers I’ve heard in awhile. And management didn’t skimp on providing a wide variety of classic instruments and the best musicians in the biz to help Eileen get her muse across to a wider audience.

Song List:

1. That was her This Is Now

2. What Goes Around

3. Moving On

4. Stand

5. Do I Dare

6. He’s Not Mr. Right He’s Mr. Right Now

7. Out With The Girls

8. Faith

9. Newsflash


Parting Shot: Radio Friendly Country Music for the Masses from the Heart ! Her cover of Keith Urbans’s song “That was Her, This is Now” gets me every time. Totally GROOVE to song NO. 8 “Faith” … I dig that One.. The kool tune has that early Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders 80’s vibe to it.

Author Scott Thomas

Stars 4 out of 5 stars


American Veterans Radio Artist of the Week

American Veterans Radio is Proud to bring to you our Great Listners Eileen Caeryas OUR Featured Spotlight Artist of the Week!

Award-winning Country-Pop vocalist/singer-songwriter Eileen Carey (“Americana Album of the Year,” 2009 L.os Angeles Music Awards; “Song of the Year, ” 2009 South Bay Music Awards) and her most recent CD MOVIN’ ON ( continue to receive media notice. Eileen was recently either interviewed or reviewed in THAT NASHVILLE GAB,. NASHVILLE MUSIC GUIDE, MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE, NASHVILLE COUNTRY CLUB, and NEW ARTIST RADIO. Carey was also profiled in April on “CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE TV,” a 13-week half-hour television program based on the exciting and adventurous activities California has to offer.

Carey is nominated in the Producer’s Choice category for “Dance Single of the Year” for “Out With The Girls” at this year’s 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, taking place Thursday, November 18 at Paramount Studios on the Paramount Theater Lot in Hollywood, California.

Fans and supporters of Eileen can log onto to donate money to her “Out With The Girls” club promotion.

MOVIN’ ON has received critical acclaim and in part, earned Carey a “Hot 100 Unsigned Artist For 2009” selection by respected international trade publication, MUSIC CONNECTION Magazine. Carey is currently being looked at by various companies for endorsement deals – among these, a major retail clothing company for use of her catchy tune, “Out With The Girls.” A U.S. Tour is in the works for 2010 as well.

Carey performed at four different showcases during the 2009 IndiegrrlWomen In The Arts Conference in Nashville. “Singer/songwriter Eileen Carey has emerged over the last few years as a both an accomplished storyteller and effective, appealing stylist,” wrote Ron Wynn in NASHVILLE CITY PAPER .

That Nashville Sound: Up & Coming New Nashville- Eileen Carey …

Fresh off the bus in Nashville, Tennessee but definitely not wet behind the ears, Cleveland, Ohio native, sing/songwriter Eileen Carey has been around the music scene for years. Influenced by all the Motown greats and artists like Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, The Beatles and writer Diane Warren, Eileen shows tribute, but unlike so many others, doesn’t mimic what she heard as a child but integrates it and adds her own spin.

As so many do, feeling the fences of her small town holding her in, but with the support of friends, family and fans, she packed up and moved to Los Angeles to put herself and her contemporary-country with a splash of blues style to the test as the little fish in the big ocean.

In Los Angeles, Eileen found acceptance and success in the regional music scene. It seemed that all she had to do was open her mouth and who ever was there, even if they came to see someone else, became an instant fan. Releasing two albums, performing at charity events, acquiring several awards for her performances, writing and finding herself with cuts climbing the indie charts, Eileen found a great niche market in L.A. She says, “The greatest moment, for me, was hearing my song on the radio for the first time.” Eileen was even one of the original “uh-huh girls” that backed Ray Charles in a Pepsi campaign and at the Super Bowl. Eileen also had some success with acting parts in Batman, Hoffa and Basic Instinct.

Now, this driven artist has made her way, as all artist/writers do at one juncture or another, to “the writers’ city”, Nashville, Tennessee. It was time to go up against the big guns and put everything she has learned to the test in Nashville.

Eileen Carey, a new kind of artist has a great contemporary country feel that, in our hearts, we are all seeking. In an age where mastering of machinery instead of instruments is hailed, where sampling of the old instead of creating the new is rewarded, and where, “that’s ok, we’ll just fix it in the mix” is more frequent than a one-take-wonder, Eileen Carey breaks the mold of what some call progressive and others call a throw back. She has the pitch to carry a show without anything but a mic, she has the skill to create new and passionate music with only the influence of the music we all remember and she can play her own drums, if she wants to without a click track or an electrical outlet.

Her favorite part of her career in music is, “Putting a smile on someone’s face. When I see that, I know I have done my job.” Eileen Carey – come let her put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

That Nashville Sound- What brought you to music in the first place?

Eileen Carey- I just loved music. I starting performing at the age of 13 In my school choir/theater in Ohio where I’m from, I started to write songs when I moved to LA about 13 years ago and I’m still pushing the limits.

TNS- Describe your music- what’s the mission behind the music?

EC- As far as my sound, it’s like the Midwest meets the West Coast. I always think of each song as a mini movie they have their own identity. My music is also very positive. You don’t have to be too far to the left or too far to the right. There is always a happy medium and if I can make a person happy for two minutes out of their life, then I’ve done my job. That’s what it’s all about.

TNS- What might people be surprised to find out about you?

I spend a lot of time in the kickboxing ring! Going there a least 4 times a week. I have been doing this hobby for ten years!!

TNS- What kind of music are you listening to? What’s in your iPod?

EC- Keith Urban. Paul McCartney. Sheryl Crow. I love all kinds of music.

TNS- If you had a crystal ball and looked forward five years, what do you see for yourself?

EC- One of my other passions is directing Film/TV. I will be experimenting with that a little next year!
That Nashville Sound